Top 100 Positive Quotes to Help You Achieve Your Dreams


“Always Turn a Negative Situation into a Positive Situation.”

Michael Jordan


“Success is Not Final; Failure is Not Fatal: It is The Courage to Continue that Counts.”

Winston S. Churchill



Winston Churchill


“Don't be Pushed around by The Fears in your Mind. Be Led by The Dreams in your Heart.”

Roy T. Bennett


“Always Bear in Mind that your own Resolution to Succeed is more Important than any One Thing.”

Abraham Lincoln


“Our Greatest Weakness Lies in Giving up. The most certain Way to Succeed is always to Try just One more Time.”

Thomas Edison


“Keep a Positive Mind. Remember, a Failed Attempt Doesn’t Make You a Failure - Giving up does.”

Lorii Myers


“Don’t Worry about Failures, Worry about the Chances you Miss when you Don’t even Try.”

Jack Canfield


“Every Day may Not be Good... but There's something Good in Every Day.”

Alice Morse Earle


“Try Not to become a Man of Success. Rather become a Man of Value.”

Albert Einstein


“No One is Born Hating another person because of The Color of his Skin, or his Background, or his Religion. People must Learn to Hate, and if They can Learn to Hate, They can be Taught to Love, for Love comes more Naturally to The Human Heart than its Opposite.”

Nelson Mandela


“Only I can Change my Life. No one can Do it for Me.”

Carol Burnett


“You can, You should, and if You’re Brave enough to Start, You will.” 

Stephen King


“Live Life to The Fullest, and Focus on The Positive.”

Matt Cameron


“Never Stop Dreaming, Never Stop Believing, Never Give up, Never Stop Trying, and Never Stop Learning.”

Roy T. Bennett


“The only Limit to our Realization of Tomorrow will be our Doubts of Today.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt


“Life has many Ways of Testing a Person’s will, either by Having Nothing Happen at all or by Having Everything Happen all at Once.”

Paulo Coelho


“Adopting The Right Attitude can Convert a Negative Stress into a Positive One.”

Hans Selye


“Focus on your Destination but Enjoy every Sacred Moments of The Journey”

Lailah Gifty Akita


“You Can't Change how People Treat You or what They Say about You. All You can do is Change how You React to it.”

Nicky Gumbel


“If Opportunity doesn't Know, Build a Door.”

Milton Berle


“It’s your Life; you Don’t Need someone’s Permission to Live The Life you Want. Be Brave to Live from your Heart.”

Roy T. Bennett


“Once you Replace Negative Thoughts with Positive Ones, You'll Start having Positive Results.”

Willie Nelson


“When You are Enthusiastic about what You do, You Feel this Positive Energy. It’s very simple.”

Paulo Coelho


“Positive Thinking will let You do Everything Better than Negative Thinking will.”

Zig Ziglar


“Positive anything is Better than Negative Nothing.”

Elbert Hubbard


“Hate. It has Caused a lot of Problems in This World but has Not Solved One yet.”

Maya Angelou


“The Successful Warrior is The Average man, with Laser-like Focus.”

Bruce Lee


“Change your Thoughts and You Change your World.”

Norman Vincent Peale


“More Smiling, Less Worrying. More Compassion, Less Judgment. More Blessed, Less Stressed. More Love, Less Hate.”

Roy T. Bennett


“The Greatest Danger for Most of Us is Not that our Aim is too High and We Miss it, but that it is too Low and We Reach it.”



“An Attitude of Positive Expectation is The Mark of The Superior Personality.”

Brian Tracy


“Natural Ability is Important, but You can Go Far Without it if You have The Focus, Drive, Desire and Positive Attitude.”

Kirsten Sweetland


“What Lies Behind Us and what Lies Before Us are Tiny Matters Compared to what Lies within Us.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


“Don't Wait. The Time will Never be just Right.”

Napoleon Hill


“When Everything seems to be Going Against you, Remember that The Airplane takes off Against The Wind, Not with it.”

Henry Ford


“Live Life to The Fullest, and Focus on The Positive.”

Matt Cameron


“The Happiness of your Life Depends upon The Quality of your Thoughts.”

Marcus Aurelius


“Take Responsibility of your own Happiness, Never put it in other People’s Hands.”

Roy T. Bennett


“Each Day, I Come in with a Positive Attitude, Trying to get Better.”

Stefon Diggs


“Commitment, Belief and Positive Attitude are all Important if You’re Going to be a Success, whether You’re in Sports, in Business or, as in my Case, Anthropology.”

Donald Johanson


“Life Isn't about Finding Yourself. Life is about Creating Yourself.”

George Bernard Shaw


“Your Time is Limited, so Don't Waste it Living Someone else's Life.”

Steve Jobs


“Be The Reason someone Smiles. Be The Reason someone Feels Loved and Believes in The Goodness in People.”

Roy T. Bennett


“Your Smile will Give You a Positive Countenance that will Make People Feel Comfortable around You.”

Les Brown


“You Yourself, as much as Anybody in The Entire Universe, Deserve your Love and Affection.”



“The Best and Most Beautiful Things in The World Cannot be Seen or even Touched - They must be Felt with The Heart.”

Helen Keller


“Trust in Dreams, for in them is Hidden The Gate to Eternity.”

Khalil Gibran


“Inspiration is both The Cause and The Effect of Living a Positive Life.”

Dayna Lovely


“If you Don't Like something, Change it. If you Can't Change it, Change your Attitude.”

Maya Angelou


“I Cannot Give you The Formula for Success, but I can Give you The Formula for Failure - It is: Try to Please Everybody.”

Herbert Bayard Swope


“Ability is what You're Capable of Doing. Motivation Determines what You do. Attitude Determines how Well You do it.”

Lou Holtz


“Be who You are and Say what You Feel because those who Mind Don't Matter and those who Matter Don't Mind. Don't Cry because it's Over. Smile because it Happened.”

Dr. Seuss


“Your Positive Action Combined with Positive Thinking Results in Success.”

Shiv Khera


“Great minds Discuss Ideas; Average minds Discuss Events; Small minds Discuss People.”

Eleanor Roosevelt


“Courage is Feeling Fear, Not Getting Rid of Fear, and Taking Action in The Face of Fear.” 

Roy T. Bennett


“What you Think you Become.”



“All your Dreams can Come True if You have The Courage to Pursue them.”

Walt Disney


“The Will to Win, The Desire to Succeed, The Urge to Reach your Full Potential… These are The Keys that will Unlock The Door to ersonal Excellence.”



“I’m a Really, Really Optimistic and Really, Really Positive person. My Main Thing is, ‘Enjoy Life. Celebrate Life.”

Luke Bryan


“At The End of The Day, The Most Overwhelming Key to a Child's Success is The Positive Involvement of Parents.”

Jane D. Hull


“Stay Positive and Happy. Work hard and Don’t Give up Hope. Be Open to Criticism and Keep Learning. Surround yourself with Happy, Warm and Genuine People.”

Tena Desae


“Three Rules of Work: Out of Clutter find Simplicity. From Discord find Harmony. In The Middle of Difficulty Lies Opportunity.”

Albert Einstein


“Happiness Begins with You. Not with Your Relationship, Your Friends, or Your Job. but with You.”

Mandy Hale


“Whatever you Want to do, do it Now. There are Only so many Tomorrows.”

Michael Landon


“Positive Thinking will let You Use The Ability which You have, and That is Awesome.”

Zig Ziglar


“The Best Way to Predict The Future is to Create it.”

Peter Drucker


“Every Time You are Tempted to React in The Same old Way, Ask if you Want to be a Prisoner of The Past or a Pioneer of The Future.”

Deepak Chopra


“Life is 10% what Happens to You and 90% how you React to it.”

Charles R. Swindoll


“Extra Miles, Extensive Preparation and Exhaustive Efforts Usually show Astonishing Results.”

Dr. Roopleen


“For me, Life is about Being Positive and Hopeful, Choosing to be Joyful, Choosing to be Encouraging, Choosing to be Empowering.”

Billy Porter


“A Strong, Positive Self-image is The Best Possible Preparation for Success.”

Joyce Brothers


“Take Your Mind off The Problems for a Moment, and Focus on The Positive Possibilities. Consider how Very much You are Able to do.”

Ralph Marston


“Remain Assiduously Stubborn with Your Positive Thinking, sooner or later The World around You will Give up and let You have Your Way”

Carl Henegan


“The Best Revenge is Massive Success.”

Frank Sinatra


“Surround Yourself with Positive People and You’ll be a Positive Person.”

Kellie Pickler


“I Surround myself with Good People who Make me Feel Great and Give me Positive Energy.”

Ali Krieger


“The Most Reliable way to Predict The Future is to Create it.”

Abraham Lincoln


“Love Yourself. It is Important to Stay Positive because Beauty Comes from The Inside out.”

Jenn Proske


“We all Go through Sad Times, but I was Brought up to be Positive.”

Jess Glynne


“People Tell You that You Cannot, because They do Not.”

Tim Fargo


“No One can Make you Feel Inferior Without your Consent.”

Eleanor Roosevelt


“Your Intuition is The Pilot's Seat of your Soul. If you Don't Trust it, you'll Keep Missing The most Important of Destinations in Life.”

Kaiden Blake


“All Things are Difficult before They are Easy.”

Thomas Fuller


“Opportunities Don't Happen. You Create them.”

Chris Grosser


“Don't let The Fear of Losing be Greater than The Excitement of Winning.”

Robert Kiyosaki


“You Can Not have a Positive Life and a Negative Mind.”

Joyce Meyer


“A Positive Attitude can Really make Dreams come True – It did for Me.”

David Bailey


“Life is a Gift, and it Offers us The Privilege, Opportunity, and Responsibility to Give something Back by Becoming more.” 

Tony Robbins


“Don't Count The Days, Make The Days Count.”

Muhammad Ali


“Thoughts are Magnetic. What We Think about We Attract.” 

Jon Gordon


“Whole Worlds’ Darkness is Not enough to Dark The Blaze of a Candle.”

Sarvesh Jain


“I Envisioned him Tied in a Chair, an Iron arrow Pointed at his Brow. Ah, The Power of Positive Thinking.”

Red Tash


“I have Not Failed. I have Just Found 10,000 Ways that Won't Work.”

Thomas A. Edison


“Positive Thinking can be Contagious being Surrounded by Winners helps You Develop into a Winner.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger


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